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Platelet-Rich Plasma injections are safe. There is no risk of rejection or disease transmission because the platelets come from the patient’s own blood.

I take special precautions to maintain the highest level of safety of this procedure. Every step of the process (drawing the blood, preparing the PRP, and performing the injection) is done in the patent’s own private exam room. The patient's blood never leaves the room.

As a result, there is absolutely no possibility of injecting someone else’s blood. This also allows me to constantly monitor the sterile technique of each step of the procedure to prevent bacterial contamination and to ensure a high quality end product of Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Although PRP Injection Treatments for tendon and other soft tissue injuries are relatively new, the use of growth factors within PRP to help heal wounds dates back to the early 1980’s. The excellent safety record of Platelet-Rich Plasma has been established over many years of use in plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, dental implant surgery, and spinal fusion surgery.

PRP injections are procedures. With any procedure or injection into the body there is the risk of infection, bleeding, and nerve or tissue damage. These risks are very low with PRP Injection Treatments, especially if an experienced surgeon gives the injection.

As a surgeon with over 20 years of experience, I use a strict sterile technique that I have translated from the operating room into my office-based PRP injection procedures. I have extensive experience doing injections for a wide variety of joint and soft tissue problems, and I care about making my injections as painless as possible.
Safety of PRP

Safety of Platelet-Rich Plasma
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